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Session fees and details

Below are details and fees for my various private commissions. 

Corporate and business clients - please contact me direct to enquire
about my availability and day rates

Maternity Photography

Family and Lifestyle

I charge £150 for a standard shoot that will last about two hours. This is enough time to relax and really enjoy the experience. I’ll take a lot of shots and give you a disk full. But my aim is to capture one or two cracking photos that you’ll relate to and treasure for a lifetime.


You may think 2 hours is a long time to take a photo, but we’re not talking about formulaic set-ups where you get into position, smile and click. Whereas, posed photos are efficient and work for formal occasions, I firmly believe that the magic between parents and children is only revealed in the off-guard moments. This cannot be faked or posed, we’ll need time to build trust in a playful environment.


I’ve done it both ways, and know that working informally produces better results and is more fun
for all concerned.

Julian Fellowes portrait



I charge £150 for a standard shoot that will last about two hours. Portraits are more than just photographs. In addition to being a good likeness they need to convey personality, and in the case of corporate portraits the values of the subject. Again, it takes time to discuss these objectives, build trust and context. I have plenty of experience, I will have some “off the wall” ideas, but I always listen, and never work to a predetermined formula.


I have made well over a hundred commercial portraits of people ranging from new born babies, children, pregnant women, many company directors, artists, musicians, and heads of families typically celebrating a significant birthday. Everybody has a different personality, and this should be reflected in their portrait.


Please allow two hours.

Maternity photography at home


I charge £150 for a standard shoot that will last about two hours. Whilst I appreciate that not everyone wants to show off their bump, I am always delighted and honoured when asked to portray this miracle of life. "Baby bump" photographs require a special sense of trust and communication, and as a result, can be relaxing and have a calming effect on everyone concerned. I have included in the galleries below shots of other children as they are important in telling the story of the last days of pregnancy. Give me a call and chat about what sort of photographs you would like to remember this wonderful event.

Party and event photography


Occasions that involve more than a handful of people, e.g., parties, christenings, business meetings, product launches, etc., typically take more of my time, produce more images,
and consequently cost a little more. The minimum is £200 for two hours, which is
enough for a “small” party.


As with all the packages above you have a private online gallery which you can share with friends and family, and a disc of your selected images. I provide the disc so that you can print the photos yourself to the sizes that suit you.

Portrait photography on location


Usually there are no extra costs. The packages above include a disk of high resolution images that you can print or otherwise do with as you like, i.e., share on social media.


If you think your event or shoot will require more time on my part for any reason, let’s discuss and agree this up front.


Other services, e.g., production of photo books, or high quality prints are subject
to a separate fee.


Travel up to 15 miles from SL3 6BN is included, any additional mileage outside this is charged at 50p per mile.


A 25% non refundable deposit is required at the time of booking,
with the balance due on the day of the session.

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